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LIFESTYLEKera Van Huizum

Kiki's Must Haves

Sitting down with the mastermind behind SHADE we had to find out what exactly makes her tick and get to know some of what makes her, her. A nickname that reflects her strong family ties, Kera embodies her brand in more ways than one... 

Favorite outfit from sun up to sun down? Havaianas flip flops, Mother denim, 35mm t-shirt, a cashmere wrap, and yoga pants in my purse. You never know when you can fit your practice in. Oh, plenty of accessories and a lip gloss so you're ready for a cocktail come sunset. 

Lounge pants you can't live without? From yoga-time to TV-time you can find me in Teekis. It's a second skin really. 

The five must have items in your purse? Lip balm, my phone, a snack for my daughter, cash, paper and a pen. 

Current jewelry obsessions? Eeek! Right now, everything! Of course I lust over so many tres-chic, high end designers but in my world I wear local and made with love. I love bone, opal, onyx, shells, diamonds, and I die for watermelon tourmaline! Jewelry is the ultimate when it comes to expressing your own style... you can change it every day.  

Scents that drive you mad? An incredible scent can transport me right back to a special memory or to the first time I came across a certain scent. Decadence by Marc Jacobs was made for me, a Jo Malone scent- there are so many great ones, and my all time favorite; Bvlgari Au The Blanc. Plus, the bottles are divine to collect. 

Tunes to work out to? I'm so old school- Tom Petty, Van Morrison for mellow, Taylor Swift and anything "Top 40" for an upbeat workout! 

Holiday Wish List? There really are no limits; a bike, satin sheets, a hot tub, and jewelry of course.