June SHADE Muse of the Month

INSPOKyra Mueller-Yamamoto

The June is everything but the gloom when you have this incredible woman in your presence. Steph Armijo is an incredible inspiration of a goal digger and big dream achiever. We look up to her in more ways than one! 

Steph Armijo is a yoga instructor based in New York City. She first moved to NYC from San Diego two and a half years ago to teach yoga in the sports industry. This summer she will be teaching a yoga class on the outfield grass at Citi Field which is an absolute dream come true for her. Steph also just became a lululemon athletica ambassador and will be collaborating on fun yoga events in the city this summer! 

Who is your style muse?

I don't have just one style muse. I'm always inspired by strong, confident women who wear clothes that work for their bodies (and NYC is full of them). You can see distinct style in different neighborhoods in NYC & it's fun to spot new styles/trends. 

What are the five must-haves in your purse at all times? 

Lip gloss - current favorite is the Estee edit from Estée Lauder. It has a subtle bluish tint which gives an extra sheen 

Metro card - I'm on the trains back and forth all day long

Lavender oil - for Savasana and random NYC situations

Keys - I have the keys to several yoga studios on my keychain, and I'm starting to feel like a janitor. 

iPhone charger - my iPhone is over a year old, meaning, it won't hold a charge all day. #blameitoninstagram

Motto to live by? 

"Every 'no' brings you closer to a 'yes' "

Favorite things from SHADE?

I love everything that Kera brings in to SHADE - it fits my lifestyle perfectly. The yogarxclothing tanks are super cute and everything by Spiritual Gangster & Goodhyouman! 

How does a typical day usually look like for you? 

I teach yoga all over the city. Every morning I teach a group class or private at 6:45a. I have a 4:45a alarm. Coffee, breakfast, and teach. Right now I'm teaching yoga to the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, so I'll head over to their training facility and teach them a post-workout session. Lunch in Brooklyn and then I make my way to East Harlem, where I teach yoga to 1st graders. I grab an acai bowl and teach an evening class in midtown. I usually eat dinner out with friends or if the Mets are in town, you can find me at Citi Field. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

Simple/Sporty. I wear yoga pants every day and I usually pair them with a muscle tee or a super soft tee. I'm constantly on the lookout for the softest tees to layer. I wear a baseball cap every day. The 7 Line makes Mets hats that I love.  I prefer small dainty jewelry (tiny midi rings!)- I have a shark tooth necklace from Diament Jewelry that I wear every day - reminds me of my family in FL. And of course a pair of Nikes for all the walking I do in the city.