March SHADE Muse of the Month

INSPOKyra Mueller-Yamamoto

March is the first sign of spring, a season full of sunshine, happiness, and a life full of color. What a better month to nominate my dearest friend Alia Lamborghini as our March SHADE muse; a woman who is like a fresh burst of spring air. She's an incredible woman role model not only as a loving wife and mother to two sweet boys but also her outstanding career accomplishments. Some of Alia's is obsessions include her roots in Massachusetts, horses and her two sisters and two brothers. Alia is a perfect SHADE muse with her laid back and natural fun style. We couldn't wait to pick Alia's brain and find out what makes her, her. 

Describe yourself in 3-5 words

Busy, happy, loving 

What does a typical day for you usually involve? 

Wake up around 5:30/6am to do a little reflecting on what I need to do that day, snuggle with my kiddos when they wake up around 6:30am, get breakfast moving for everyone and in the shower/out the door by 8ish, work til 6, home to hang with my kids and husband and get some outside play time before dinner/bath/bedtime at 8, collapse on the couch and finish up the work I didn't get to earlier in the day while half-watching a show with my husband, bed by 11:30pm. 

How would you describe your personal style?

Colorful, thrown together and once in awhile I pull off something that looks cool, completely on accident. Monday through Friday I'd call it "busy working mom uniform" which consists normally of jeans, heels and a jacket. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

Being a really good mom to my two little boys. Harry and Teddy, 2 and 4. 

Favorite place you've traveled and why?

Barcelona. Such a great culture, warm people, awesome food, architecture for miles, ocean and mountains all wrapped into a really walkable and manageable city. 

Things that make you happiest?

Anything HOT PINK (sneakers, post-its, hair ties, pillows, you get the idea)

Favorite SHADE must haves?

My hot pink Subtle Luxury cashmere sweater and my ATF Dinosaur sweatshirt- my boys love it! 

My hot pink Subtle Luxury cashmere sweater and my ATF Dinosaur sweatshirt – my boys love it!