December SHADE Muse of the Month

INSPOKyra Mueller-Yamamoto

Leah Vacher is our December SHADE muse of the month. Some of you have probably met Leah at SHADE or caught her teaching one of her yoga classes at Buddhi Yoga. Leah is one of those people who you are immediately attracted to her sense of joy for life and overall love for others. Not only is she someone who you'll instantly start laughing with, you'll become captivated by her unique colorful style. Leah is someone who isn't afraid to mix crazy prints, patterns and textures. She rocks the effortless California bohemian vibe tied closely with her passion for yoga. We were curious what Leah thought about her own personal style.

Leah's two babies; Benedict & Pookah ...


How would you describe your style in five words or less? 

Loud, bohemian, yoga pants (as a second skin).

What are your five daily must haves? 

Burts Bees, yoga pants, cell phone (charger), a Beaming smoothie (Leah recommends the Mint Chip!) and her two fur babes; Benedict and Pookah 

Favorite tunes to teach yoga to? 

Anything Deep House or STS9! 

Describe your ideal day from sun up to sundown (outfits included):

Wake up. Automatically put on my teeki (yoga) pants, whichever I happen to grab first along with a Free People cardigan and head off to take or teach a yoga class. I usually will then take my two pups to Dogs Beach in OB. If i'm not studying or working I will probably be getting ready to have a fun night out. My perfect outfit I've been obsessing over lately is ripped boyfriend jeans, black ankle booties, a black crop top and some funky earrings. 

Outside of teaching yoga what are some of your favorite activities? 

I am currently a student working towards a career in dental hygiene so I have been studying for classes related to that. My boyfriend is also in a local band called AJ Froman, going to their shows are incredible energy! I love dancing so any shows or musical festivals and camping is a newly discovered favorite of mine. 

Favorite SHADE pieces? 

Teekis!! All of them and Spiritual Gangster. 

You can catch Leah teaching at Buddhi Yoga Saturdays at 4pm!