November Muse of the Month

INSPOKera Van Huizum


A SHADE muse is more than stylish. She's more than a fun loving adventurous babe. She's definitely more than a good shopper. A SHADE muse embodies softness and elegance - not only in her looks- but in her persona. Someone who watches and listens carefully - not only in what is said, but what is unsaid or unseen. Someone who cares fiercely about those she loves and would do anything for those lucky enough to be in her inner circle. She is Beth Fulks. A confidant of over 15 years and a constant and active inspiration for SHADE, Beth lives life looking ahead and constantly evolving and learning more about herself so that she can be the best mother, friend, daughter, sister, and friend she can be. 

Beth knows exactly where to look online for great ideas on outfits and what styles are right for her. Where as I may know exactly what I like and my style has not changed much over the years, Beth has a natural and evolving love of fashion, an impeccable eye for flattering pieces and mixing her current wardrobe with new items, and knows when to embrace and trend... and when to run. Beth's epic wardrobe, unique taste, and her ability to stay on the cutting edge of trends without appearing trendy make her the ultimate SHADE muse.