June SHADE Muse of the Month

INSPOKyra Mueller-Yamamoto

The June is everything but the gloom when you have this incredible woman in your presence. Steph Armijo is an incredible inspiration of a goal digger and big dream achiever. We look up to her in more ways than one! 

Steph Armijo is a yoga instructor based in New York City. She first moved to NYC from San Diego two and a half years ago to teach yoga in the sports industry. This summer she will be teaching a yoga class on the outfield grass at Citi Field which is an absolute dream come true for her. Steph also just became a lululemon athletica ambassador and will be collaborating on fun yoga events in the city this summer! 

Who is your style muse?

I don't have just one style muse. I'm always inspired by strong, confident women who wear clothes that work for their bodies (and NYC is full of them). You can see distinct style in different neighborhoods in NYC & it's fun to spot new styles/trends. 

What are the five must-haves in your purse at all times? 

Lip gloss - current favorite is the Estee edit from Estée Lauder. It has a subtle bluish tint which gives an extra sheen 

Metro card - I'm on the trains back and forth all day long

Lavender oil - for Savasana and random NYC situations

Keys - I have the keys to several yoga studios on my keychain, and I'm starting to feel like a janitor. 

iPhone charger - my iPhone is over a year old, meaning, it won't hold a charge all day. #blameitoninstagram

Motto to live by? 

"Every 'no' brings you closer to a 'yes' "

Favorite things from SHADE?

I love everything that Kera brings in to SHADE - it fits my lifestyle perfectly. The yogarxclothing tanks are super cute and everything by Spiritual Gangster & Goodhyouman! 

How does a typical day usually look like for you? 

I teach yoga all over the city. Every morning I teach a group class or private at 6:45a. I have a 4:45a alarm. Coffee, breakfast, and teach. Right now I'm teaching yoga to the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, so I'll head over to their training facility and teach them a post-workout session. Lunch in Brooklyn and then I make my way to East Harlem, where I teach yoga to 1st graders. I grab an acai bowl and teach an evening class in midtown. I usually eat dinner out with friends or if the Mets are in town, you can find me at Citi Field. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

Simple/Sporty. I wear yoga pants every day and I usually pair them with a muscle tee or a super soft tee. I'm constantly on the lookout for the softest tees to layer. I wear a baseball cap every day. The 7 Line makes Mets hats that I love.  I prefer small dainty jewelry (tiny midi rings!)- I have a shark tooth necklace from Diament Jewelry that I wear every day - reminds me of my family in FL. And of course a pair of Nikes for all the walking I do in the city. 

March SHADE Muse of the Month

INSPOKyra Mueller-Yamamoto

March is the first sign of spring, a season full of sunshine, happiness, and a life full of color. What a better month to nominate my dearest friend Alia Lamborghini as our March SHADE muse; a woman who is like a fresh burst of spring air. She's an incredible woman role model not only as a loving wife and mother to two sweet boys but also her outstanding career accomplishments. Some of Alia's is obsessions include her roots in Massachusetts, horses and her two sisters and two brothers. Alia is a perfect SHADE muse with her laid back and natural fun style. We couldn't wait to pick Alia's brain and find out what makes her, her. 

Describe yourself in 3-5 words

Busy, happy, loving 

What does a typical day for you usually involve? 

Wake up around 5:30/6am to do a little reflecting on what I need to do that day, snuggle with my kiddos when they wake up around 6:30am, get breakfast moving for everyone and in the shower/out the door by 8ish, work til 6, home to hang with my kids and husband and get some outside play time before dinner/bath/bedtime at 8, collapse on the couch and finish up the work I didn't get to earlier in the day while half-watching a show with my husband, bed by 11:30pm. 

How would you describe your personal style?

Colorful, thrown together and once in awhile I pull off something that looks cool, completely on accident. Monday through Friday I'd call it "busy working mom uniform" which consists normally of jeans, heels and a jacket. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

Being a really good mom to my two little boys. Harry and Teddy, 2 and 4. 

Favorite place you've traveled and why?

Barcelona. Such a great culture, warm people, awesome food, architecture for miles, ocean and mountains all wrapped into a really walkable and manageable city. 

Things that make you happiest?

Anything HOT PINK (sneakers, post-its, hair ties, pillows, you get the idea)

Favorite SHADE must haves?

My hot pink Subtle Luxury cashmere sweater and my ATF Dinosaur sweatshirt- my boys love it! 

My hot pink Subtle Luxury cashmere sweater and my ATF Dinosaur sweatshirt – my boys love it! 

Girls Weekend Retreat in Virginia


When I first received the call that my girlfriends on the East Coast were gathering in the Shenandoah wine country at a restored manor house built in the 1700's, I paused.

Why there? Why in the winter? Why so far away from me?

With the last of my college friends about to add one more sweet baby to our growing count of 17 kids between 9 of us, I instantly said YES! Two of my friends would need to bring their sweet newborns along and the rest of us were able to leave our kiddos behind. Lucky for direct flights and car services it almost seemed too easy to reach this actually very remote place in Bluemont, VA. A house known as The Retreat at Cool Spring that touches the Appalachian Trail and sitting along the Shenandoah River. It was 48 hours of absolute female bliss. 

kera post.jpg

Staying up late drinking wine by candle light then waking up early to make pot after pot of coffee. With expert planning each of my friends showed off their culinary talents in the kitchen and bringing hand-me-downs, handmade quilts and impractical bikinis for the new baby soon to be born that we were all celebrating. We sat around talking about jobs we had, jobs we wished we had, jobs we wished we never had. We talked about what made us tick and what continues to tick us off. We talked endlessly about our loved ones; our kids, husbands, siblings, and parents.  We walked, slipped and pushed strollers through ice and snow with the freezing air against our faces making this magical weekend feel real, instead of like a dream which is the state I was feeling.


We admired the house which the owner kept so many original things including the floor which was tilted, creaky and definitely had splinters. The woodwork was spectacular with carvings surrounding the doors and near original windows. She added sofa after sofa of grey and cream linen, an extra down comforter on every bed, empty rustic frames above the fireplaces leaving it to our imagination who might have lived there in the past. We admired the hard work and dedication and VISION she had. The fact that she had followed through with this vision throughout the house completely inspired me.


We packed up Sunday morning which seemed to appear in a flash. We split up boxes of local apple cider donuts to bring home to our eager toddlers. Dividing up wine and homemade granola while handing out belated birthday gifts and returning belongings from the last time we were all together. We drank the last cups of our coffee, showered and did makeup together one last time. Helped each other back out of the steep driveway and hugged each other long and tight.

I had a long trip back to my own family in California but I couldn't help but smile the entire way. A tribe of women so full of love and laughter, inspiration and support that I have been blessed with and I don't intend to miss a girls trip anytime soon.

kera post1.jpg

January SHADE Muse of the Month

INSPOKera Van Huizum

Our January muse of the month is Kyra Mueller-Yamamoto, a girl with sweet energy who we believe embodies SHADE style. Kyra is down to earth and has a wondrous free sprit about her always looking to her next adventure. Ironically, as we write this with Kyra she is traveling abroad in Central America and anxious to share her travels with us.

Spending the day snorkeling on Big Corn island of Nicaragua 

Spending the day snorkeling on Big Corn island of Nicaragua 

Tell us where you are and what you’re doing right now…

I have spent the past month traveling around Nicaragua and the Corn Islands. My boyfriend Stephen and I will continue on into Costa Rica and Panama for the next month before ending our trip at the Envision music festival. Pretty amazing!

Sitting in a treehouse overlooking the Volcano Concepcion on the island Ometepe 

Sitting in a treehouse overlooking the Volcano Concepcion on the island Ometepe 

What is your travel style like?

Lots of color and easily packable things. I’ve learned with traveling to pack as light and as little as possible. My suitcase consists of a bunch of funky dresses, yoga pants and a swimsuit to clothing ratio that is 5:1.

How would you describe your overall style?

Minimal, meaningful, funky, and flowy. If it’s not black, it’s psychedelic.

What are your SHADE must haves?

All things teeki and all the jewelry Kera has in the shop is to die for!

Describe your perfect day from sun up to sun down?

Wake up and have the most amazing Superfood Smoothie along with a cup of local coffee. Hike or head on a long beach walk followed by a yoga class in the afternoon. Take a book to the beach and thrift shop with my friends followed by a huge framily dinner. Last night I had huge dinner with a group of fellow travelers that included people from Scotland, Amsterdam, Canada, Australia, Argentina and London! One of the many incredible things that comes with backpacking to foreign places.

What would you be wearing on your perfect day?

Ideally I would be barefoot but Rainbow flip flops and my swimsuit underneath a flowy “dress” which is usually a men’s old t-shirt. My travel collections include jewelry from wherever I am so I usually am adorned in one piece or another. 

December SHADE Muse of the Month

INSPOKyra Mueller-Yamamoto

Leah Vacher is our December SHADE muse of the month. Some of you have probably met Leah at SHADE or caught her teaching one of her yoga classes at Buddhi Yoga. Leah is one of those people who you are immediately attracted to her sense of joy for life and overall love for others. Not only is she someone who you'll instantly start laughing with, you'll become captivated by her unique colorful style. Leah is someone who isn't afraid to mix crazy prints, patterns and textures. She rocks the effortless California bohemian vibe tied closely with her passion for yoga. We were curious what Leah thought about her own personal style.

Leah's two babies; Benedict & Pookah ...


How would you describe your style in five words or less? 

Loud, bohemian, yoga pants (as a second skin).

What are your five daily must haves? 

Burts Bees, yoga pants, cell phone (charger), a Beaming smoothie (Leah recommends the Mint Chip!) and her two fur babes; Benedict and Pookah 

Favorite tunes to teach yoga to? 

Anything Deep House or STS9! 

Describe your ideal day from sun up to sundown (outfits included):

Wake up. Automatically put on my teeki (yoga) pants, whichever I happen to grab first along with a Free People cardigan and head off to take or teach a yoga class. I usually will then take my two pups to Dogs Beach in OB. If i'm not studying or working I will probably be getting ready to have a fun night out. My perfect outfit I've been obsessing over lately is ripped boyfriend jeans, black ankle booties, a black crop top and some funky earrings. 

Outside of teaching yoga what are some of your favorite activities? 

I am currently a student working towards a career in dental hygiene so I have been studying for classes related to that. My boyfriend is also in a local band called AJ Froman, going to their shows are incredible energy! I love dancing so any shows or musical festivals and camping is a newly discovered favorite of mine. 

Favorite SHADE pieces? 

Teekis!! All of them and Spiritual Gangster. 

You can catch Leah teaching at Buddhi Yoga Saturdays at 4pm! 

A California Christmas at SHADE

LIFESTYLEKera Van Huizum

With the holiday season upon us we decided to take transform SHADE boutique into a California Christmas wonderland. Messy by Design helped spread her magic through the store with bright exotic colors, animal heads adorned with jewels of all kinds and even a VW van tucked into the ceiling vault. We love the play on the "winter wonderland" mixed with the southern California beachy vibes. 

The chic decor relates perfectly to the look and feel of SHADE with its funky patterns, bright colors and unique one of a kind design. Be sure to stop in store to see all the pieces pulled together for the holidays with lots of cozy fabrics, eclectic jewellery and hard to miss prints. Be sure to check out the recently updated online shop if you are running low on time to stop and shop! 

Travel Files: Bend and beyond...


Taking time to unplug, unwind, and get grounded in nature is what keeps SHADE inspired, exciting, and fresh. For three quick days we took SHADE north of California to Bend, Oregon to experience cool, crisp air, hiking along majestic rivers, and tons of family time. Below are some of our favorite places and moments. 







November Muse of the Month

INSPOKera Van Huizum


A SHADE muse is more than stylish. She's more than a fun loving adventurous babe. She's definitely more than a good shopper. A SHADE muse embodies softness and elegance - not only in her looks- but in her persona. Someone who watches and listens carefully - not only in what is said, but what is unsaid or unseen. Someone who cares fiercely about those she loves and would do anything for those lucky enough to be in her inner circle. She is Beth Fulks. A confidant of over 15 years and a constant and active inspiration for SHADE, Beth lives life looking ahead and constantly evolving and learning more about herself so that she can be the best mother, friend, daughter, sister, and friend she can be. 

Beth knows exactly where to look online for great ideas on outfits and what styles are right for her. Where as I may know exactly what I like and my style has not changed much over the years, Beth has a natural and evolving love of fashion, an impeccable eye for flattering pieces and mixing her current wardrobe with new items, and knows when to embrace and trend... and when to run. Beth's epic wardrobe, unique taste, and her ability to stay on the cutting edge of trends without appearing trendy make her the ultimate SHADE muse. 

The Essentials

LIFESTYLEKera Van Huizum

Kiki's Must Haves

Sitting down with the mastermind behind SHADE we had to find out what exactly makes her tick and get to know some of what makes her, her. A nickname that reflects her strong family ties, Kera embodies her brand in more ways than one... 

Favorite outfit from sun up to sun down? Havaianas flip flops, Mother denim, 35mm t-shirt, a cashmere wrap, and yoga pants in my purse. You never know when you can fit your practice in. Oh, plenty of accessories and a lip gloss so you're ready for a cocktail come sunset. 

Lounge pants you can't live without? From yoga-time to TV-time you can find me in Teekis. It's a second skin really. 

The five must have items in your purse? Lip balm, my phone, a snack for my daughter, cash, paper and a pen. 

Current jewelry obsessions? Eeek! Right now, everything! Of course I lust over so many tres-chic, high end designers but in my world I wear local and made with love. I love bone, opal, onyx, shells, diamonds, and I die for watermelon tourmaline! Jewelry is the ultimate when it comes to expressing your own style... you can change it every day.  

Scents that drive you mad? An incredible scent can transport me right back to a special memory or to the first time I came across a certain scent. Decadence by Marc Jacobs was made for me, a Jo Malone scent- there are so many great ones, and my all time favorite; Bvlgari Au The Blanc. Plus, the bottles are divine to collect. 

Tunes to work out to? I'm so old school- Tom Petty, Van Morrison for mellow, Taylor Swift and anything "Top 40" for an upbeat workout! 

Holiday Wish List? There really are no limits; a bike, satin sheets, a hot tub, and jewelry of course.